Thursday, October 01, 2009

"Life is Good"

Has it really been almost a month????

We have been quite busy lately. With both of us working, Lily in ballet, both kids in soccer, Frazer singles group on Tuesday, Church on Wednesday, volunteer work with "In Christ's Way", football season (ROLL TIDE by the way) and an endless stream of birthday parties, life never slows down.

The past few weeks have been pretty exciting. The biggest news is that we are planning our seventh Disney trip. I am almost embarrassed to say it though. Our spring break trip was a little rough because of my seizures. However, I am thrilled to say that I have been seizure free for months now and I am excited about getting a "second chance" at this years vacation. Going around the holidays is going to be exciting with all the Christmas decorations up at Disney. It is also Lily's birthday so we are looking forward to making it a special celebration time for her.

Last Friday we took the kids to ASF to see the wonderful ballet performance of "Gloria" and "Midsummer Nights Dream". It was simply amazing. Miss Lily, of course, fell asleep towards the end. On Saturday, Buddy took a VERY excited little "Bug" to a Daddy/Daughter dance. She is all about her daddy. I didn't go because I wanted it to be their special night. So, I got dressed up, got Sean dressed up and took my little man somewhere special. We had a "date" together at Chili's. He was beaming as I let him pay with the credit card and sign the receipt. We also had a great time with a wonderful photographer, Derrick Griffin, (link to come soon) as he set up studio in our home and took some wonderful portaits of the kids. I can hardly wait to share all the pictures.

Parties, parties and more parties... We have averaged about two birthday parties a weekend over the past month!

This weekend will keep pace with the previous ones. Buddy and I finally get another "Date night" tomorrow night. We have a sitter coming so we can go see a play at AUM, a local University where Buddy teaches.
On Saturday we will be going to something that is very special to us, Frazer Zoo Day! It is a wonderful ministry to Montgomery's handicapped and mentally challenged citizens. Lily and I will dress as clowns and Sean and Buddy will escort some very special people around the zoo.
There is a very personal story behind Zoo Day which I will share one day. We will wrap up the day with football, of course, (ROLL TIDE again) and a birthday party for a very special little girl who is turning one! Our niece Arianna Rose. And the weekend would not be complete without worshipping God. On Sunday, Jim Cavesil who portrayed Christ in the movie "The Passion of the Christ", will be speaking at our church.

Yes, I am looking forward to another busy yet deliriously wonderful weekend with the ones I love the most.



Kristi said...

It is so good to hear you doing so well! Thought about you last night... 'Return to me' was on TV (love love love that movie) with Minnie Driver...

Graham Shenanigans said...

Glad to hear the Murphy family is doing well.

Talk to you soon.