Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Pirate & Princess

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

We have been gone - to Disney World again!!!! It was awsome of course. The Christmas decor was up and everything was beautiful. We took it easy this year and just enjoyed each other. Instead of booking it in the parks everyday we took some time to do some relaxing things instead. This year we let Sean go on the Pirate cruise from our resort, the Grand Floridian. He really loved it. We also went to a snazzy hair salon where Buddy had his hair cut. The kids did Pirate and Princess makeovers and we did a little celebrating of our little princess Lily's 5th birthday.

I will post pictures soon but for now, you can go here, here and here to see them all.

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Nancy said...

love love love the photo! so glad you had fun, so thankful you're home safe and sound :)