Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Up close and personal with Lily

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Lily Christine
Age 5
The interview
"What is your favorite color"?
Lily: "Pink or course"!
"Where is your favorite place to eat"?
Lily: "The Chinese place"!
"What do you eat there"?
Lily: "Egg rolls, the bumpy part".
"What t.v. show do you like best"?
Lily: "iCarly. But, it's inappropriate for me".
"Who do you love"?
Lily: "My daddy and my Lord Jesus.Oh, and you too mommy"!
"Where do you want to go on vacation"?
Lily: "ummm, duh - Disney World! But, can we try the Nickelodeon place once"?
"Who is your best friend"?
Lily: "It's too hard to choose, I have so many. Chelsea, Brooke, Taylor, Madeline, Mary Oliver, Kareena, Ainslee, Hivana, Gibson, Caden - ok, there are too many to name"!

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