Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Looooong time, no blog"

Our new "normal"
WOW!!!! Just WOW!!!!
That is about all I can say for an opening of this, my first blog post since spring.

Everything is "new" in the Murphys lives.
The kids started a new school year, in a new school.
I start a new job this Monday.
Buddy started teaching classes at a new college.
The kids are starting something new... Piano lessons.

And so, we are just rolling right along with all of the new things in our lives.

I am sure many of you know about our tragic, yet miraculous summer with our daughter Lily. She had a very serious accident at the beginning of the summer. I am not sure that I am ready just yet to blog about it. It is quite an emotional topic for me and it is late right now. I don't think I have the strength to say everything I want to say and do it all justice. I promise though, I will do a post very soon. If it turns out that you just cannot wait, have not heard and really want to know about our daughter's accident, you can click on this link and it will take you to her facebook page. Click on the "info" tab.

Today I started a new blog called: "Lilyisms and the funny things your kids say". You can find it by clicking the title above or by going here . For months, my friends have been telling me I need to write down the funny things my daughter says. Both of my children say the "darndest things" as I am sure many of yours do as well. My son Sean has a more serious personality and while he does say funny things, it is usually the things my daughter says that has me laughing most of the time. She just has the most quirky little personality and says things that have me thinking "where in the world did that come from"?
That is the main reason I titled the blog "Lilyisms". The blog, however, is meant to journal the cute things that BOTH of my kids say as well as all of your kids. All of our kids say some things that are just too good not to share. This blog is a way of not only journaling, but also connecting each of us through our kids and helping to bring a smile or a laugh to us through sharing and reading.

Since it has been so long, I will leave you with a recent picture of my darlings.


The Jones' said...

So glad you are back in the blog world. And sooooo very glad Lily is doing well. God is so good!

Nancy said...

I am just now checking my blog roll since we've been out of town but I was elated to see that you are back with us :) It's been a bit of rough road and a very busy one for you and your sweet family. God is so gracious and we are all so very thankful the summer ended as it did for y'all. Look forward to seeing you online a bit more ~ when you have time ;) as two active children and a career don't leave you with much :)