Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing Pains & Lunchbox Notes

      Another mommy heart moment! 

I was talking sternly with Sean about being more responsible. 
He and I have been having a rough patch recently as he's been 
exercising his choices and consequences of time management, 
with homework and other things. 

I was with Lily when he came and confessed about not 
finishing a worksheet. His teacher wanted me to sign it
and I was not a happy momma about this. I explained what 
punishment I would need to give him and what lesson he could 
learn from it. He apologized and stumbled away downstairs. 

I spent time bathing and reading with Lily. 
We snuggled for a while and I tucked her in.

I came downstairs, fully prepared to start my nightly nagging of : 
"take your shower", "pick up your things", "brush your teeth".....

However, tonight, the nagging did not happen. 

I came down to a fresh smelling, wet haired nine year old boy.

This is what he had done, totally on his own: 

laid out his uniform 
took a frozen bread loaf out to thaw
made fresh lemon-aid 
packed lunches and snack bags for himself AND for Lily.

I  was beaming! 
I looked over at him again.
(My heart leaped with overwhelming pride)

He was sitting on the sofa, with his wet little head, looking proud.
He was very happy I noticed and promised to start doing better.
Sean has never done most of these things. And, for the ones he has done, 
they have certainly not been without being asked (at least five times).

I couldn't help looking to see what he had packed. 
He packed himself a very sturdy lunch. Yep, no surprise.
He always tells me I don't pack him enough food :)

 Next, I unzipped Lily's box. Her lunch was pretty skimpy. 
She's a difficult eater and I could see that he tried to pack
her favorites.
I felt a gush of warm tears at his gesture.
That's when I noticed the note:
He had written and tucked the most precious note in 
her lunchbox. It was written on a paper towel.

I took it out and gently unfolded it. (I'm nosy like that)


I think I'll keep him (at least for a while longer)!


Tai B. said...

Heidi, what precious children you are raising!

Tai B. said...

What precious children you are raising!

Heidi said...

Thanks you T