Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Pirate & Princess

These two are definitely Buddy's kids! They love to dress up! They love to perform and they love the camera. We did a photo session at ASF (Alabama Shakespere Festival) yesterday. The kids were so funny saying unprovolked things like "aarrrr!" and "your majesty"!

These costumes do however have a specific purpose. We are going to Disney in a few weeks and they are having a very special event called the Pirates & Princess party which we will be attending. This will happen after dark in the Magic Kingdom and last until midnight. There will be special fireworks and a parade themed around pirates and all the princesses. They hand out loot bags and treasure maps and you go around searching for the treasure. Plus many rides will be open. I am 1000 times more excited then they are at this point.....Sean is finally going to be old enough to do the Pirate Cruise and Lily, the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique! Sean will be celebrating his birthday once again. We went in spring last year and loved it so we now have a new favorite time of year to go.

Spring Break has started out great. The weather is nice and we have a ton of things planned (zoo, park, movies, cousins etc.). Buddy is teaching so it will just be me and the kids. I am also going to try to catch up on a lot of my sewing for Lily's Couture that I have gotten behind on. I started trying the custom hightops. I have not posted them on the website yet. They are polka dot with groisgain for laces. I will try to get a picture on the couture site soon.

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