Sunday, March 30, 2008


I think we have gone a little overboard with crocs! If you notice the tan ones in the corner, those are mine. Buddy has two pair and the rest are the kids. I actually hate the things for myself. But, for the kids they are so easy. They love them! Sean had to have Lightning, Mickey & Roll Tide ones and of course the bright green. Lily's newest ones are the mary janes and of course the old ones are the much desired and totally Lily hot pink!

Anyway, I was cleaning house yesterday and started my daily routine of picking up all the crocs laying around when I got the idea that I needed to take a picture of how many pairs of crocs I have to clean up each day and share with my blog friends. Sean puts on a different pair everytime he goes out. I think he is a bit OCD and gets it honestly:) Let me add that 2 pair more were MIA and are not in the picture. :)

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