Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Does it seem lately that I post mostly about Lily and not really about Sean?
The truth is that Lily is at such a cute age right now and just so naturally funny that I can't help but post about her.

Sean is at a stage right now where he just wants to sit there playing computer games, watching t.v. or playing with his little boy toys.

Lily is all about twirly skirts, makeup and scooping up dead cockroaches into her glass slipper and walking around the house talking to them.

Yes friends, I have a truely unique daughter. Tender hearted I guess. She found the dead cockroach and wanted to pray for it and then (I kid you not) make desert for it.

I am petrified of them dead or alive.

I did not want to scare Lily or give her my fear so I went along with her.
Plus, I did not want her to touch it so I had to make sure she only kept it in her glass slipper.

I was finally able to convince her that the bugs mommy missed it so we gently put it outside and said goodnight. She then put her head down and slowly walked down the hall and said "I miss my friend".

I will try to find something to post about Sean soon. Oh! He did tell me tonight that the creme brulee I made for desert looked a little like throw up so he wasn't having any.


Graham Shenanigans said...

Hey lady. I LOVE creme brulee. I can't believe Sean didn't like it. I made country fried steak tonight and it went over pretty well. Not usually all of my family will eat the same thing.

Wanna meet for coffee next thursday or friday?

Graham Shenanigans said...

any which way is fine with you live in prattville or montgomery? i would love to meet the hubby and kiddos...

i am looking forward to a few day of relaxing while the kiddies are back in school....