Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wheat Twins, A Thins.... Whatever!

My kids are so silly!!!

Lately Lily has been humoring me with her pronounciations of wheat thins. I don't know if she is just being silly or is really having a problem saying it. She calls them tumble wheats. I correct her, but, also think it is kind of cute so I laugh. Today I caught her with the box and she looked at me and said "I was just getting me some A -twins". Confused, I asked her to tell me again what they were called and after thinking for a second she said "uummm, bumble beets".

I thought this was cute enough to share so I ran and got the camera to take her picture with the wheat thins. She was very excited about this.

Of course, you know Sean had to get in on the action so he wanted some food to take a picture with too. I offered him the wheat thin box but he would not have it. He wanted something better he said. He got a container out of the refrigerator and held it up. When he saw that it was spinach wraps he was very disappointed. You know me, I had to take the picture of his disappointment cause it was just too funny not to share.....

Laughter IS good medicine and I needed some today!

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