Sunday, February 08, 2009

"Where the vote people live"

We have not been out with the kids for a while. I mean just out somewhere for the fun of it. Saturday was a perfect opportunity. The weather was gorgeous and we were all rested and ready to go somewhere. We thought of the zoo but after we slept in a little to late and had our breakfast, we decided to try something the kids had never done before. We had a few things in mind, but first we went downtown to the Capitol.

First of all I think that the area around the Capitol is beautiful. There are so many nice places to take pictures. The kids wanted to eat at Chris's hot dogs but we decided to wait and see the capitol first . We had just gotten them out of the car when Sean announced that this was the place where the "vote" people lived. He said so sweetly, "Oh, I hope I get to see Obama". I thought that was to cute. I explained to him it was the State Capitol. We looked around and took some pictures....

After all that fun and tons of pictures we decided for some good ole fashioned BBQ for lunch instead of hot dogs. We had not been to Country's BBQ in a long time and it sounded perfect! We had a great lunch and talked about what to do next.

Everyone needed a haircut except me. So we we took a family trip to the salon. What fun. Listening to Sean talk to his stylist was the highlight of the day. He explained in great detail how we got to go to the "castle" (capitol)and that there were lots of statues there (Jefferson Davis) he took pictures with some of them. He told here that it was where the "vote people lived". He even had the had Lily's stylist cracking up.

It was what I would call a perfect day! Of course no day is perfect right? and we have something in this family called Murphy's Law. We got home and got everyone settled in for the evening and talked about what to do for dinner. But I was still feeling giddy from our wonderful day. I decided to go out one more time. I went to Movie Gallery to use the mailer certificate to Buy one get one free. Sean wanted to come with me to get a PlayStation game.

I am perfectly fine now and was only my pride and maybe poor Sean's that was hurt in the end. But, just before we entered the store, right in the parking lot, I fell! I mean I really fell hard. Busted, skinned knee and hand, twisted ankle, shoe flying off fell........Nice people came over. They helped me up. Sean rubbed my head and when they all walked away he sweetly said "mommy, I hope you're ok, but you embarrassed me a little". But even with my skinned up parts we still had a great day!!!!


Nancy said...

bless your heart! and the words of babes :) too cute. What a fun day you had and hope the week will be as well!!

Kristi said...

What a fun day! We spent the day outside cleaning the yard on Saturday. I am dying for the weather to cooperate so that I can take pics of the kids at Jasmine Hill Gardens!

J said...

That does sound like a good day except for the fall at the end! :)