Monday, April 27, 2009

Grandparents Day - a late post

I meant to post these pictures a few weeks ago but I have gotten really behind on my blogging lately. I really do have a good excuse :-)

Oh, I am planning yet another party! Sweet Sean will be turning 6 in a few weeks. This year he is all about everything Star Wars so I am running with that. I have discovered this is really popular for boys parties and have actually found many good ideas. Easy ones too which is good for me as I am having some health problems lately. I will not go into it at the time, But, I do ask for your prayers as I will be spending some time in the hospital this week at UAB for tests. If you want to know more you are welcome to email me at and I will share some details with my close friends.

In the meantime enjoy these sweet pictures of Sean & Lily with my mom and Nell on Grandparent's Day at their school

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