Saturday, April 04, 2009

Co-Pilots..... Riding up front on the monorail

Getting to ride on the front of the monorail can be a bit tricky. We actually were not even trying this year. We came to the ramp empty one afternoon accept for one family standing in the front spot where you would board with the pilot. We actually rode once a few years back on Sean's birthday. He did not mention it this trip so we were not going to go out of our way to try for it. Believe me, it is really hard to get up there.... Anyway, we just got in line to get in on another seat and the lady approached us and asked us if we wanted to ride up front. She said we would have to wait for the monorail to cycle around once and then again if we wanted to do it but it was going to Epcot and that was the best ride since it circles all around the park. Of course we said yes!

The kids were so excited... again! They got flight wings and a co-pilot licence and here is some of what got to see from the front.

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