Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our trip to Massachusetts

I posted just a few of our Boston pics below. I have so much more to share about our trip.

The kids had so much fun and learned as well. The trip was indeed an adventure for them as they flew in an airplaine, took several "real" train rides, rode the underground/subway and took buses and shuttles around the big city. We kept them on the go the entire time and they were such troopers. They will make great world travelers with us one day :-)

We had a great time going into the city and also visited Plymouth and Concord Massachusets. In Plymouth we took the kids to see Plymouth Rock and the town was breathtaking. Concord was my favorite though. We ate at a darling cafe in the town square and took the kids to see the homes of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott and Ralph Walso Emmerson. The highlight of Concord was when we took the kids to visit the real Sleepy Hollow Cemetary (as in - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) There were graves of many famous authors. Don't ask me why, we just love cemetaries and this one was just so historical and beautiful. This was actaully Sean's second trip. We took him to all these places when he was around 8 weeks old.

The trip was not all about visiting Boston and the surrounding areas though. We actually flew there for a long anticipated family reunion and surprised my father who has been batteling with cancer. He was so excited to get to see his grandkids. We also got to see my grandmother and many other relatives we have not seen in years. Heather and Sophie came with us and this was especially exciting because our relatives had never even met little Sophie who is already six. It had been close to eight years since Heather had last visited. We had a great time with all of them and I have lots of pictures I will be posting of all that very soon.

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