Friday, October 15, 2010

Our story

This past Sunday, October 10th, Buddy and I shared our story with our Frazer family through a video we did last month. I hope our passion about Jesus Christ was portrayed in the way we hoped.

Lily made us so proud of her as she walked out on the stage after the video played and said a prayer.

You can watch our video here:


The Jones' said...

Heidi, I watched it on Facebook. You and Buddy did great. I do not see how you made it through without bawling. Your faith surely made you strong. What a testimony you all have. And I would have loved to see and hear that sweet baby come out on stage and pray. I know there were days you thought that you would never see that. I am so rejoicing with you. And I praise Him that she is okay and you and Buddy are turning this into a blessing for others. I know you must still suffer some anxiety from it and talking about it must be hard. Thank you both for sharing. I do not think you will ever know how many people have been changed because of your willingness to share the heartbreak y'all went through.

michelle said...

That is beautiful, Heidi. Absolutely beautiful.

Nancy said...

John and I still continue to be in awe with the way His Name was glorified and Satan was cast aside during this horrific time in your life. Thankful, forever, for the return of sweet Lily. love and hugs, Nancy