Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six months later..................

After another long break from blogging, let me try this again. Life is so busy and I have found that my free time usually goes to Facebook.

So, for that reason, I decided to give Facebook a break for a while. The fact that after only two days I am missing Facebook terribly, shows me how truely addicted I had become. I am not going to stay away forever though. I do soooo love to keep up with my friends :-)

Now, for a much needed update in lives of the Murphys.

"Big News - Big Apple" (we just returned from a fabulous Spring Break trip in NYC but I will save that for my next post)

Miss Lily has had two more surgeries since I last posted. We still have her "Pray for Lily Murphy" facebook page up where you can view all of the updates. We are hoping and praying she will not need anymore procedures. But, only time will tell. She has started to show some evidence of PTSD and so we now have her seeing a child Phychologist where she will have a safe and private avenue to work out any fears, anxities and to talk about whatever she needs to. We feel she will soon be able to come to terms with the traumatic event in her life and put it into perspective and in it's place so she can move on with her sweet little life. Besides that, she is a happy and healthy little six year old.

Sean is doing very well and learning so much in school. His reading and writting has taken a huge leap forward and we are so proud of his progres and how he has developed. He will soon be a second grader and it's so hard to believe my little man is almost an 8 year old.

We have decided that after this school year, we will move them back to their previous school. Sean and Lily were at STJ for two years before changing to MA. While MA is an amazing school, we really miss our STJ family and friends. We are looking forward to the change and allowing the kids to stay until they graduate.


Candy said...

So glad to hear from you. Have missed your blogging. I told Lily's story the other day to some friends. They were amazed and I even got goose bumps after I told the story that I have known about since it happened. I think it was because of their reaction. God is great and I am so thankful to Him for using Lily's story in probably more ways than you know. I imagine if you could go back in time you or part of you would want to erase that whole "event". But, I think it is amazing He has and is still using Lily to tell others about Him. I hope you and Buddy are doing okay as well with memories of it. I did not even think of the fact she would experience PTSD but it totally makes sense she would. I will be praying for all of you.

Nancy said...

I was diagnosed with PTSD six months after my accident and have been in therapy for almost four years now. Yeah, I balked and cancelled appointments for the simple reason I was scared of speaking of the accident. Now? It has helped soooo much. I saw Greg Sallas at AGAPE until they did away with his position. He is at Samaritan Counseling Center now and is excellant with PTSD patients. I now am seeing Dr. Abolode and really like talking with Rand. The accident allowed some abuse during my childhood to surface :( and we've had to work on those, too. Please know we pray for your sweet Lily still.