Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First day of school 2011

Lily - first grade and Sean - second grade
I am one proud mama. We moved back to STJ from MA. The kids are adjusting well. This is an old and much overdue post. But, since I am on a roll here catching up my blog, I thought I would keep going.

Sean has really taken off acedemically. He is reading like a pro and has such confidence in his work. He rarly makes anything other than A's. As for Lily, she is doing great for the past year she has had. She is playing "catch up" a little. Since her innitial recovery from the accident, she has had five surgeries. I think she has done quite well considering. She is starting to read and her writting is getting better. I am starting to see confidence in her work and her eagerness to learn. I think we are about to see her make great strides.
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