Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new room for Lily

Has it really been almost FOUR years??? It was November of 2007. Lily was still two. She was almost three, and we decided to take her crib down and put her in a bed. The mattress was called a "bunkie board" and was at the absolute lowest level. She still had a little climb so we put a bed rail up. I have always been hyper aware of falls for them since Lily took a tumble down our hardwood stairs at 8 months and then Sean fell (at 4 years old) down those same stairs with his leg cast on.
Anyway, I was so exited about Buddy painting her light pink walls and having her pink toille stuff that she had had in her crib. I found a soft, sweet green comforter to match and we put up a little chandelier. Voila, "big girl (sorta) bed" yet, STILL my baby girl's room. It was the best of both worlds. UNTIL.... Fast forward four years to 2011. Her it is at almost the same time of year. Lily will be SEVEN years old in about eight weeks (tear). She still adores pink, er..... only a few shades darker. She was having nothing doing with that "baby stuff" of what we called her comforter. AND..... she wanted to move upstairs to the "big room". (gulp)

So recently we took the first of many new leaps. First, we got her a real deal mattress and box springs and raised the level of the bed up. That worked out. Next, we painted her a REALLY PINK (she picked the color) room upstairs and let her pick out her own bedding. Last night was her first night with it all finished and I must say, I LOVE it!!! I did sleep upstairs with her though :-) I just can't take anymore accidents for a while so we will install a baby gate soon. In the meantime though, we are busy getting Sean upstairs as well. He has chosen crimson RED (Roll Tide). Here is a before and after of her room makeover. Will post Sean's in a few days.

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Nancy Hood said...

I well remember when we had to change Jenny's room. She was in the second grade I believe and wanted a wallpaper that was retro silver, pink and black. NO! This wasn't the baby I'd dressed in smocked dresses, Mary Janes, and the sweet pastels. This was an outgoing child setting the style in her classroom of wearing two socks on each foot, alternating the colors. We agreed upon no wallpaper, just a border, and colors that made us both comfortable. Oh Heidi, those days passed too quickly. She'll be 34 in November. UN.Believeable. So happy we've reconnected on FB and that I now have your blog site.