Friday, February 22, 2008

Cute Lily Story!

I had to have some blood drawn today so I took Lily to the lab with me. On the way there I explained to her that mommy was getting labs????? After many questions and just to make it easier, I told her that mommy had to have a "shot". Here is the conversation that followed:

Lily: I want a shot too!

Me: No baby, you don't want a shot do you?

Lily: whine, yes pleeeese mommy, pleeeese......

(at this point, I whispered to the nurse to pretend to give her one so she would feel included)

Nurse: Lily, do you want a shot?

Lily: (nods yes)

Me: ok then, just let her finish with mommys. you see, look at the needle going in my arm. neat huh? Look at the blood squirting in the tube. What do you think Lily Bug?

Lily: (starring intently down at her arm with VERY wide eyes) I DON'T NEED A SHOT

Me & lab staff: everyone laughing hard........

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