Friday, February 22, 2008

No fools in this house.....

I got this wonderful book for Christmas from my sister in Law, Lynn! After being sick for so long and realizing that my poor husband & kids needed more then -take out- and Steak out was breaking us, I decided to start this program this week. I went to the store Monday and got all the veggies and did all the purees and got started.... While the cauliflour in scrambled eggs bit went over well (we dredge in ketsup) and puree veggies and wheat germ in the ground beef patties was great for Sean's beloved "cheesburger", the spaghetti did not go over as well with Lily last night. I thought I could fool her because she loves spaghetti. I felt like such a proud mommy as I mixed in the cauliflour puree and sprinkled in some wheat germ. However, the official Murphy house taste tester sat down to her dinner. I quietly watched her as she took her first (and last) bite. "Eewwww yuck"! she said. I said, "what"? She said "mommy, there is something wrong with this". I said "what does it taste like"? She said "It tastes like something gross is in here". She then casually walked away from the table and announced that she was not eating that "gross spaghetti".... I think I got an "I told you so" or something from Buddy. He informed me tonight that I was not to put any cauliflour in his hamburger. Shhhhh! ;0

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