Saturday, February 09, 2008

Murphys On The Mend

I have been away from posting this past week. Last Sunday Buddy got sick with the flu and over the course of 3 days we all dropped like flies. Each day another one of us took a trip to the Doctor and had the nose swab test done. Yep, we all had the flu. I guess I have never had it before because I don't remember feeling so bad before. Taking care of sick kids with HIGH fevers while we were sick too (with high fevers as well) was a challenge. The doctor said tamiflu was flying off the shelves and I had to go to 2 different drug stores to get it. My friend had to go to 3 drug stores. I guess the flu is going around right now. Unfortunately mine has affected my lungs again and I am still struggling with that part of it. Flu can be dangerous for people with lung problems. I am doing the antibiotics as well, along with steroids & breathing treatments. Flu part is much better for all of us now and we are so thankful.
Thank you to all who took care of us by bringing us meals. We have a great family and church family. Thank you Mom. Lynn, Nell, Martha, & Rebecca and all who have sent us cards and called to check on us. We appreciate you all.
While Buddy and Sean were napping today, Lily and I felt like we needed a little sun. For the first time all week I took her out of pajamas and put real clothes on her. I took her out in the back yard for a mini photo shoot. I think she liked the fact that she was not having to model any clothes so she was much more relaxed and cooperative. It was just fun this time...
I tried to do a slide show with the pics on photo bucket but I am so new at that and it turned out a little on the short side. I could not figure out how to get the pictures to stay longer then 3 seconds. I hope you are all staying flu free and taking care of yourselves.
Murphy's Law: The only year you miss getting the flu shot you are going to get the flu......

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