Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just being kids......

I can never seem to get Lily to take a serious picture. She gets so silly when I take out the camera. Today was a great day. The weather was so nice and perfect for a trip to the park. I dressed them alike in green hoping to get some nice spring/summer pics. I love them in greens and oranges for outside shots. They were so busy playing and I did not want to spoil it for them. Sometimes I get so caught up with taking pictures that I forget just to have fun with them. After all, they don't really care about posing and being bothered with taking pictures. They are there to do what kids do, run and just have fun!!!!!

I did manage to get one shot of them sitting down for a rest. Then I put away the camera and we played:)

After the park, we went to Aunt Lynn's house for what was supposed to be snack. It turned into dinner and playing outside. Lily was being silly & cute so I took some pictures of her at her best.

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