Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Newest member of our family!
Sean has such a tender heart. Actually I think he has watched Toy Story entirely to many times. You will understand as you read on.
We discovered the bear while at the park the other day. It had obviously been raining because the sand was a little wet. I was trying to keep the kids away from the puddles of mud when we saw a little stuffed bear head peaking out of the wet sand. It was full of dirt & waterlogged and a little faded by sun. I thought it looked like it had been special to someone and that he/she must have lost it in the park some days before. Sean said he was sad because the bear had been all alone in the dark, lost in the park and that his owner was probably worried. He thought bear would think his owner did not love him anymore. Then came the grand idea to take him home, bathe him and be his new family. I thought it was sweet. We named him "rescue" bear since we rescued him. He has not seperated with the bear since. This might be good since his beloved "pillow" is falling apart. Once today when he got in trouble he was saying over and over "oh, rescue, oh rescue bear" while holding him and crying big alligator tears. He usually does this with his pillow.
Anyway, we were at a traffic light just before the going to the park and there had been a man on the side holding a sign that read: "please help me, I have 5 children and we have no place to live, no food" ect...
While we all know what thats all about, to a child it is real. He was worried about those "kids".
Today as he was holding the bear he told me again how we rescued him. I have to admit that I was only half listening as my mind was on other things. Then I looked at him and saw that he was wiping tears away. He burst out crying and said that he was thinking about the kids. I had to tell a little lie that I brought them some food and blankets early in the day while he was napping and some of his old toys to play with. It seemed to make him feel better but made me feel like he is much to young for such heavy things like this. On the lighter side though, it made me proud that I have such a tender hearted boy. Maybe his daddys wish/dream of him becoming a minister one day will come to pass. He is bold and never hesitates to innitiate a prayer for someone when he thinks they are sick or in pain :) I love this child!

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