Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Something New!

I added something new to the blog if you have not noticed. It is a live visitor feed. It shows who is visiting and where they are from. I am really doing it for my husband and as a test. We are both a bit paranoid about putting personal info about ourselves (mainly children) online for all to see. After this we will decide if we want to put some extra controls on who comes on the site or maybe have it as invitation only to our friends and family who like to keep up with our blog and to other blog friends. I have always had comments disabled but a few weeks ago put them on. Please feel free to comment and don't let the visitor feed scare you away. To my special blog friends, I will see that you have visited and will be flattered. I keep up with all of you and a daily basis and love seeing your new posts.

1 comment:

The Jones' said...

I am sooo copying you. I think the visitor tracker is a great idea!