Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Party! Sean's 5th Birthday!

Our sweet boy will soon be 5 years old. We will be at Disney World next week for his big day so we had his party before we leave.

If you know us Murphys at all then you know that we love to celebrate our kids and we love to entertain......

This year he wanted Toy Story! I was a little apprehensive at first. Every where I looked I was coming up empty handed. I was looking for the specific theme. Then I decided to watch the movie again and get creative with it. So, I dove right in and tried to make it work. I found that he already had many of the toys from the movie so we would use some of those to decorate with. I went to Party City and found the little green army men, sheriff's badges, little tiny barrels of monkeys, little magic 8 balls and many of the toys from the movie. We got a costume for Buzz off eBay and I made the Woody vest and hired a couple of AUM theatre students to play the part of Buzz & Woody.

We recreated "Pizza Planet" in the kitchen. I Foiled out the windows and had glow stars on the walls and had the ceiling totally covered with shooting stars and had black light for the really cool effects. It was a huge hit. (sorry, I had no pictures of that at all) I borrowed much of this from a friend and we had pizza delivered from Papa Johns!

For games... We already had the blocks for the "Buzz's block stacking contest" and all the Mr Potato heads and body parts for the "Mr Potato's crazy mix up game". We had a friend get us some traffic cones and had an obstacle course! We had a few other games and Emilie made a sign that said "Woody's waterin hole" and put it above the drink table. Julia decorated the cake in the "Andy's Room" theme (see picture at the end) . The tables were decorated in reds and browns for Woody and greens, purples and silver for Buzz. Sean said it was the best birthday ever and everyone seemed to have a great time.
Sooooooo, We are looking forward to next year, or I guess Lily's in December. That gives me about 6 months to rest up. Hummmm!

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