Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pirate & Princess party

This party was so much fun for the kids (and us too). It was held on Friday evening from 7pm till midnight after the park was cleared out. A seperate ticket had to be purchased on top of the regular admission. This was not to cheap, but it was a good thing because it kept the crowds out. Many of the kids and even some adults came dressed as pirates or princesses and got to meet Captian Hook, Jack Sparrow and all the different princesses. There was a special parade and fireworks show. The kids were given "loot" or treasure bags and had to go all over Magic Kingdom searching for treasures. Most of the rides were open and there were dance parties going on all over for the children. We do not have our photo pass CD yet which has very good photos from this event. These are just a few we took though. I may post some of those later.

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