Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning and Christmas night

We are pretty lucky I guess, because our kids actually let us sleep in. It is great on the weekends when we are off. But not so good on school and church mornings when we have to drag them out of bed. Anyway, on Christmas morning we actually slept in a little and when Buddy woke me I briefly forgot it was even Christmas morning at all. We had to wake the kids like we have every Christmas for the past 5 years of Sean's life and 3 of Lily's. It did not take them long though as they are getting older now and more into it.
They were very excited to see what Santa brought them. Lily did not seem to totally overwhelmed. Of course, she is a lot like me. Always contented with just about anything you give her. Sean on the other hand walked into the room and was very excited over everything very briefly and then realized that Santa forgot to bring him a bicycle. He got over it quickly though.
Indiana Jones Lego's were the big hit for Sean and an Authentic Disney Castle play set and a real doll crib were the big hits for Lily. Lily had only asked for one thing: Dora saves the Snow Princess DVD and Sean asked for the Lego's. We did not know until the night before Christmas when we saw Santa at the zoo that he even wanted a bicycle so we really missed the boat on that one. It was a great Christmas though and our kids got more then they needed:)We got some new Pajamas from maw-maw so we came home and got ready for bed. The big gift from her though was the Build a Bear Workshop gift cards, money and a bear that she pre-bought for each of the younger kids. We have a trip planned for Friday (today) and I will post pictures soon. It was pretty chaotic but tons of fun.
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Nancy said...

That's funny about the bike! Sounds, and looks, like all had a grand time. Happy New Year now!!

The Cole Family said...

Hey Heidi. Your gonna have to teach me how to do the collage pics like the one above, and the slide shows, and etc. :) Wayt too cool.