Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Plays

On Sunday The kids had their Christmas programs at church which consisted mainly of singing. Sean's 5 year old choir was asked to sing 2 songs in the 2 morning services which was exciting because it was the 9:30 am televised portion and my dad who lives in North Carolina was able to watch. We have not seen him since spring. We are hoping he will be cleared by his doctors and we can pick him up next week so he can spend the holidays with all of us.

Then, today Sean had his kindergarten program. He had a line to say and did very well. I was so proud of my big boy. He was an Englishman (quite fitting since Buddy has taken about 25 trips) and said the words "plum pudding is served with little treasures inside".

Buddy is not feeling well and is now the one on antibiotics. It is no time to be sick though because it is such a busy weekend for us. We have a few parties to attend. Actually between the four of us we have four parties to attend this weekend. One will be a Christmas party at the lake home of friend which is always very beautiful. The decorations are stunning and we will surly have some great photo ops. We are taking the kids with us. It will be a trip on a bus with a group which will be fun for them I am sure. An adventure they are looking forward to.

Tomorrow (Friday) night I am going to my boss's home for the annual Christmas party. I am looking forward to the party but it is without spouse's so I am not really looking forward to going without Buddy. I have really fun co-workers though so it will be fun I am sure. I just really love my family time and hate being away especially around the holidays and when weekend times are precious. Daddy will do fine though. They will bake cookies and watch a movie. They already have it planned. And mommy is NOT staying at this party too long.....

Pictures of the Church Christmas program:

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Kristi said...

How sweet! I can't wait to see our kids in programs like that when they start school... Wait... I'm not ready to start school...