Monday, December 22, 2008

For Heather - Merry Christmas

My sister Heather has been wanting to get a blog started but never seems to be able to figure out how. She has been asking for help and I have been telling her I would. But you know how busy we all get? Time just got away from us and we just did not seem to get around to it. She did get one started a few years ago just for pictures but never did get the hang of blogging and forgot her passwords. Ha! That was the end of that one. Anyway, I thought I would create her a blog and surprise her with it. So, I started her one with just a neat header that I thought she would like and a few gadgets. She can change anything she likes and add all her own stuff. Add her if ya like. She is funny and cool. I hope she will come along with me to the next blog luncheon girls....

Heather & myself on Christmas Eve about 28 years ago.

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Nancy said...

I went and tried leaving a comment :) but it wouldn't allow one. Check the settings again. This is so sweet of you!!!