Monday, March 30, 2009

Our little Photographer

Last year we let Sean take a few pictures with our camera and he showed a real interest so this year we decided to let him have our old digital camera. He was completely on his own which meant we were a little slower in the parks. It was so cute though watching him. It also meant that he did not always want his pictures with the characters. He wanted to take pictures of them and some of Lily with them.

Here is some of his work: completely unedited or cropped

We captured him first doing his "thing"...

He wanted one of us in front of the castle

He posed us this way. I know..... we look way to serious!

Our Resort -

Jungle Cruise - from a moving boat
A nice lady taking photopass pictures at Chef Mickey's (he asked)


Amy said...

Oh my, he looks so grown up in the first picture. The rest of the pictures are awesome too! I bet they loved having the monorail come through the hotel. I always thought that was so cool!
I love all of your posts too by the way!

Kristi said...

So fun!!! This makes me want to take a trip to Disney!

frogbelliesandblossoms said...

Wow! He did take some good pics Heidi! looks like you have a little photographer there!