Friday, March 25, 2011

Lily's Hero

Really, "Lily's Hero" does not adequately express what I feel about this......umm, how I feel about this amazing lady. "Tara" as we now know her. Funny, we did not even know her until the day of Lily's accident and yet she has become so special to us. Our girls are even in the same kindergarten class this year. This is the mother who stepped up and performed CPR on our daughter the day she nearly lost her life in a drowning accident. She did not give up. Even when I thought it was surely over. One day I will find the right words I want to say to her. For now though, isn't this picture precious?


Nancy said...

Heidi, sweet friend, I still have friends asking me how "that little girl" is doing :) and I tell them to look up your blog as you have such precious pictures. It will be five years this April 6th since my accident and there are still those that, when I give my name, say "Are YOU the one we prayed for?" and I won't know them from Adam's house cat :) There is such strength in prayer and I know you have witnessed this. much love and tight hug to you this day :)

Heidi said...

Nancy, you are a sweetheat. I still remember you calling to check on me at UAB when I was having my seizure monitoring done. What a year.... Thanks for praying for Lily. I remember seeing your story of recovery on your blog and being so inspired as well.
I look forward to doingbetter with my blog following. You always post such nice things on yours.