Friday, March 25, 2011

Our "Dylan"

I am a "MeMe" and Buddy is a "Pappa". Our precious Goddaughter and her amazing husband Steven welcomed a "miracle". Dylan Sidney Brown was born in February. Our Goddaughter Kenisha struggled with infertility and tried to conceive for quite some time. Nisha learned she was finally pregnant on the day of Lily's accident. We were so worried about her losing the baby that Buddy and I tried to hide the accident from her. She soon found out though and was there for us every step of the way. On the day of baby Dylan's birth, we traveled back to Birmingham with Lily for her fourth and hopefully final surgery, The end of a long and painful journey for both families. God is amazing in his timing, plans and purpose. We are blessed to have sweet Dylan in our lives.


I do LOVE baby feet!


Nancy said...

precious :) Do you mind if I ask what type of surgery sweet Lily had to have? and was it related to the accident?

Heidi said...

Not at all Nancy. Lily has had four variations of a very similar procedure, Her problem is not related directly to the accident. It is indirectly related though. The lifesaving methods used to get an airway on her and the days on the ventilator somehow caused a condition called Tracheal stenosis. She had some damage and paralasis and an overgrowth of scar tissue. It was causing her airway to become compromised.
So far she has had four Bronchoscopys and laryngoscopys with baloon dilitation for her narrowed trachea, two mitamycin C injections in her trachea for scar tissue, one lazer removal of overgrowth of tissue causing significant obstruction. Each of these procedures require her to be put to sleep - which we hate. But, the results have been good and we are pleased at her recovery so far.