Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A teacher for Lily "Bug"

I started this post about a year ago......I wanted to "do it justice" so I just left it as a draft to come back to after some thought. Well, I forgot about it :(

October 11th, 2012
 Until..... today as I was scrolling down on my bloggie dashboard, I saw the unfinished post.
Where do I begin?  Because, here we are an entire year later with an entirely different teacher. But let's talk about THIS teacher.
 "Mrs Hubbie" as Lily affectionately calls her sometimes, was an absolute angel for our sweet girl when she needed an "angel" most.
After being at STJ for two years, we moved Lily and Sean to a different school. They were only there for a year. Many prayers, tears and discussions later, we decided to bring them back to STJ. We were happy to be back, but worried about the transition on the kids. Mrs Hubbard knew about Lily's accident and her switching schools. She was sensitive to all of Lily's needs and gave her extra TLC. Lily had another surgery for her tracheal stenosis during this time as well. Mrs Hubbard made sure Lily was safe in cold weather and let her rest when needed. She was also mindful of Lily's breathing issues or if she ever had any cough or episodes of stridor. What I discovered about this precious teacher though is that she gives this TLC to each and every one of her students. She truly has a special gift and a love for what she does.
When the school year was up, Lily had gotten so attached to her teacher, she asked to be held back (hah)! Of course, she DID move on to second grade. But, even over the summer (after her first grade year) Mrs Hubbard still continued to love her "babies". The kids all met her at the movies one day for a movie date. To our kids, this teacher was like a SUPERSTAR!! How awesome is that?
Thank a teacher today. They have the most important job of all ~ growing our babies.

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