Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Second Grade - STJ Halloween party

"Siblings invited"
That was all Lily needed to hear when she learned about Sean's second grade party.

Sean wanted to be this scary thing.... UH! Whatever it is. Grim Reaper? Oh, I just dislike it totally.
Apparently it is the "thing to be" since there were six other kids dressed just like him.

The party WAS great though. (loud) Buddy and I both went. We walked into a room filled with screaming, running and very LOUD 7-9 year olds. There was a grand buffet of food for the kids, (kids were loud)  cool, jamming music, (kids were loud) fun decorations, (kids were extremely loud) cookie cake, cupcakes and candy (Did I mention the kids were LOUD)?? HA! The parents sat in a circle around the great big room as kids came around to each of us for candy. It was chaotic, crazy, LOUD and fun. Enjoy these years as they will pass too quickly :-)

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