Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bama Boys, a legend and Sean's new room. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

Sean with a few of our neighbors. Having a street full of Bama fans is quite lovely :-)

We have prayed since we moved in our home six years ago that Sean would have some friends on the street to play with. Little did we know, he would be eight years old with a half dozen little boys around his age to play with. ALL Bama fans. I love it because it gets him away from the TV and video games. It is such a joy watching them all play football in the front yard. I have really come to care so much about some of these precious boys. Rambunctious? YEP! But ohhh, so sweet.

Sean, Jake and Alex

Buddy has been taking Sean to some Alabama games lately. It has been a wonderful, bonding experience for them. During one of the trips, Buddy was able to take Sean into the University and the theater where Buddy spent so much of his time while in college. Sean loved getting on stage and seeing everything about where daddy went to college. One very special thing Buddy was able to do was to introduce Sean to his most influential Teacher/Mentor, Dr. Edmond  "Ed" Williams. Dr. Williams also works with the ASF student program here in Montgomery.

Staying on the subject of Bama...... Sean got a new room and a remodel. WHOO HOO!!
This is only a portion of the whole, but it is fabulous. I mean, I want to live in that room~
This is a picture of Bryant Denny Stadium. It is a 6 foot by 4 foot wall art (stick up) and nearly landed Buddy and I in divorce court. Heh, not really! But it sure was a booger to mount that thing.

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