Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everything New

I feel like today is a calm before the storm. (funny, it is actually raining this morning)!
Today is the last day of life as I knew it before I had an official kindergartner.
All is quite right now as I sit here posting this. I have only myself to get ready for work. Yesterday I got a little taste of what is soon to come as it got a little hairy around here.
Sean was registered for the new soccer season and Lily had her first ballet lesson off the 2008 class.
This time tomorrow I will actually be sitting in a carpool line and then trying to get to work myself. It is done everyday by women everywhere and has been for years I tell myself! But, It is new to me so I am a little nervous.
So it will be getting up about 5:30, getting two very hard to wake up sleepyheads dressed and fed, then out the door by 7:00. Ballet on Monday, Soccer on Tuesday and Saturday along with all of our other "life".
Our little baby boy starts kindergarten and Lily will be in a K3 program at his school. I am sad but excited. He is very excited. As we tell him, he has one more "sleep" before he gets to go to his new school. I will let you know how our first day goes.
Tonight is Open House which I am looking forward to since I feel like it will me MY first day at a new highschool. I hope you are all adjusting to whatever is new in your life.
Have great day!

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