Thursday, August 07, 2008

Help Me!

Buddy is teaching our 5 year old to fight!
No really, he was teaching him how to punch (box) whatever!
Today we took him to meet his new teacher at his new kindergarten and some of his classmates were there. One little boy very sternly told him not to touch his toy!
Well, if you know my sweet child at all then you know that he is about the most gentle, laid back little boy ever. He is just a sweetheart (except to his sister).
Bless his heart. He told the kid very sweetly that he would not touch his things and then he let us all know that he would be in big trouble with that boy if he touched his things.
At this point my heart is breaking at how naive my child is and how this is only the beginning of a very "rough" world for my baby.
So, after a long speech by mommy about how the little boy just needs to use kind words and that maybe he could help show him how to remember his kind words
(a montessori thing) daddy decided he needed to take over.......
On a lighter note. As we were walking around Cosco today trying to find things to spend money on Buddy starts singing his favorite "We are in the poor house now" song. To which Sean asks "Daddy, where is the poor house"?

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