Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lily's first pedicure

Have I mentioned enough on this blog how much fun having a daughter is?

Today we had our first official girls day out together. First stop, pedicures. We sat side by side in the chairs and she kept looking over at me with a huge grin on her face as the dangled her feet in the "blue water". I snapped a few pictures of her even though I was a little embarrassed to do it. Lily picked out her own color and chose to get flower on her first toe. The lady even did a little leg and foot massage on her. She found this pretty funny. I decided to have my eyebrows waxed and the poor thing looked a little worried that it might happen to her next.

Buddy took some pics of our feet together. I know you really don't want to see my feet but they are in the pics.

While we did our thing Buddy took Sean to a sporting goods store and then they went to Starbucks. The kids have had a theme lately about Sean being "another daddy" and Lily being "another mommy" so I think they really enjoyed having special time with us.


Graham Shenanigans said...

That sounds like so much fun...sounds like great fun! The pictures are adorable!!

Go read candy's blog if you haven't lately..she has a surprise!!

The Jones' said...

Love this. The first pic is super sweet. I keep trying to bribe MG with a manicure IF she will stop biting her nails. They are so bad that they look little boy hands to me. Has not worked so far!