Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday Rant......

I am totally admitting that I buy my kids pop tarts which has to be the most unhealthy breakfast on the planet.

That said, why do they advertise the poptarts on the Indiana Jones brown sugar and cinnamon box as having a nice little picture of Indiana with his rope and not have a single pop tart in the box with that picture. In fact, every single pop tart had some words or a little animal or something. I had a very unhappy little boy and I know I should not have given in, but, I frantically opened every single package in about two minutes and that is all we got. Dumb words and little animal or compass pictures. No ropes, no Indie, no nothing.......

You know, come to think of it the same thing was up with the Barbie ones we got last week. We did not open all of them at once though. Lily could care less. What a little sweetheart she is. Never complains.

Right now I have 12 poptarts in ziplocks that he refuses to eat because they don't have Indie on them. I guess we won't be buying any more of those!

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