Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

This blog carnival was created by mckmamma. It's fun and therapeutic so just join in the fun.
Go over to her site and to see how it's done.

My Not Me's were on time but I accidentally hit save instead of post before going to bed last night so they are a little late: Is that allowed? :-)

I did not forget my regular set of keys when I went out today thus locking me and the kids out of the house tonight.

I did not get dinner on the table after 8:30 pm and get so busy cleaning up afterward that I forgot to read the bedtime story I promised to my precious four year old daughter. Oh, and she did not fall asleep while waiting for me and end up sleeping with spaghetti on her face - what mother would ever let that happen?

I have not put off writing thank you cards another week. I would never do something like that. I would be such bad etiquette.

I did not bring a 5 pound bag of peanut m&ms to work and put my name on it.

I am not engaged in a silly and desperate attempt with my husband to gain more facebook friends therefore searching out and being accepted by people like Hota Kotb. - Not Me!

I did not forget to fold laundry.

I really, really did not fix lunch boxes for the kids for tomorrow! But that is because we are picking them up early and going to have lunch with dear friends whom we have not seen in a long time. Hopefully I will have pics to post. YAY!

What have you NOT ben doing this week?


Nancy said...

I enjoy the giggles these posts always elicit!! Have a grand weekend, girl!

Rebecca said...

Well, I didn't just say, "Be sweet, or I am going to take away your sword."
Thanks for stopping by my blog on Wednesday.