Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sean's new smile

Sean had to go to the dentist today to have a repair of a filling on his front teeth. For the second time since Christmas his filling came off. We decided to and agreed with the dentist that because Sean would be loosing those teeth soon anyway, and that one was week and loose anyway, to go ahead and extract both of the teeth. So what began as a simple procedure today ended with our big boy losing his first teeth. Not quite the way we hoped he would loose them but he is fine. He was not sure what had happened to him and we had to tell him later. He slept a good bit of the afternoon and seemed to perk up later in the evening.
Not sure what just happened and a little medicated in this picture.
Sean showing off his new smile.... We all love it....

Silly Lily had to have her picture taken spaghetti face and all :)

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Kristi said...

So glad he slept through it! I had 10 teeth pulled as a child because they plain just weren't coming out fast enough! And, my Mom didn't want us to have gas... :(. He is adorable as a snaggle-tooth!