Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on Arianna's RSV

Edit to earlier post:
The last I heard I think the baby is getting to go home. Thanks for prayers.... She will go home with neb. treatments and some antibiotics. This was tremendous improvement because I know how bad RSV can be especially when complicated with Pneumonia.
Posted earlier:
I have not been able to be around her still due to the kids and I being sick but I spoke with Sabrina (her mom) this morning. I forgot to mention that she has pneumonia. However, Sabrina said she had a better night last night and seems to be getting better. She was waiting for the Doctor to come in and talk to her.

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The Cole Family said...

The good thing is she didn't have it bad enough to be put under the tent. When I went to see her she was cooing, and laughing at me, and Sophia. She sounded a little congested. Brina told me she had Pnemonia in one lung. Poor little sweetie. I'm glad she is home now though. Mom had to go baby sit for Mark, and brina while they go out to dinner. I would not be able to go out. I was too overly protective I guess, and still am at times. :) Gotta learn to let go a little I guess especially with Spencer now that he is almost 15!! God help me!