Saturday, March 14, 2009

Look who's ready for Spring Break 2009

My Little Miss Sunshine....
We were busy all day packing and getting some last minute things done and ready to get away for our big spring break trip. We picked this cute little swim suit up last night at Sam's for Lily and of course she had to model it for us today. She actually thought she was modeling for Mrs. Julia of(Frogbelliesandblossoms), our fabulous children's clothing designer friend. She usually models for her and we had just finished doing a huge shoot for her a few days ago so I guess she was in that mode.
I thought this suit was precious though and could not resist taking a break today to snap her picture in it.


frogbelliesandblossoms said...

Heidi! This is so cute - she looks adorable in it! Love her hair too! Thanks for all the kind words too - you're a doll!

Nancy said...

this brought a grin to my face :) love the pic!