Monday, March 09, 2009

Yes, I still blog................

I'm back after hiding out for a bit. I've started an actual post several times. I've started a post in my head a million times.

We have had a crazy past few weeks. There are so many things I want to post about and I know I will never catch up. Cute things that I wanted to share but have forgotten now.

There are some things I would like to share but can't. I will just let you know that we are all fine. I have had a few med changes and have been trying to adjust. Buddy had a small procedure and is fine and Sean is recovering from his broken foot. He will finally get his cast off Friday.

We are taking a SPRING BREAK vacation to an undisclosed location. And although some of our closest friends do know I will let you in on the secret too. It's our seventh anniversary and we decided to go somewhere with the kids. We have hired a sitter where we are we will be for one of the evenings and have some pretty nice plans for just the two of us which we are both looking forward to.....

Here is a clue: A dream is a wish your heart makes! Figured it out yet?

And now this sweet story:

I had a lot on my mind yesterday. Way to much to stop and be bothered with my four year old. Her soft little voice nagged at me that she was worried about something. How could she be worried I though sarcastically. I selfishly though about all the important things I had on my mind and the things I had to get done.

And then I looked at her. I REALLY looked at her! She looked so worried. I was modeling her in some clothing for Julia. I set the camera down and we had a talk. It was the sweetest (and a little funny) conversation I have ever had with my daughter. I hope I can remember it all.

"Mommy, did God make the wind?" she asked me. I reminded her about the song she sings about the winds and the waves. "mommy, did he make the sunshine"? I told her yes! I was quite surprised when she told me she wished he had not. "Why"? I asked. She tells me it is shining in her eyes and that she can't see. I explained that God made the sun so that everything including her could grow. That was when she explained to me she was so worried. She was worried because she was not growing at all. "Sean's is growing mommy"! "He has been 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and now he is almost 6! I am sooooo tiny and just still 4". She was in tears and it was so real to her. There was just no amount of explaining I could do to her about birth order or the fact that she had a birthday and was 3 a few months ago that could make it all better. And then came her big plan.

"Mommy, I know! I could be God"!!! "No Lily"! I told her she could not be God.... "Yes I can, you can just make me a girl Jesus costume and I can be him" :-) She smiled and went along her sweet little way!

Soooo. I have one child who has such faith it God that he prays for the healing of any and everyone who walks through our front door and now our daughter wants wants to BE God. Lets just hope this is a theatrical thing. Maybe they are doing auditions in Sunday school for the Easter drama or something. :-)


Graham Shenanigans said...

That is precious, Heidi. Glad to hear yall are doing okay. Hope yall have a great time on your anniversary vacation.

I have been neglecting my blog too. But the sad part is I have just not want to be bothered with it. I think it will all be different soon.

Love you girl. Keeping yall in our prayers.

Nancy said...

do not concern yourself with explanations :) this is what a blog is for, to be there when you need it to be. Your life always comes first ~