Thursday, March 26, 2009

WHAT... Mommy has not made a single Disney post yet?

Listen y'all! I know you have been waiting to see and hear all about Disney world and I promise it is all coming very soon. In fact it will be tonight I think. At least some of it. We got home Sunday night and woke up Monday morning for the weekly rat race of work and school and with two nights of church so far this week and an emergency visit to the doctor with Lily due to an injury we have not had much time.
I just uploaded all the pics from our two cameras and we let Sean use our old digital so you will get to see some of his work (which is pretty good by the way). We also have the Disney PhotoPass pictures on disk coming in the mail soon. But I can't show those until they get here.
We had a good time considering the rather large spring break crowds. I will say that we had some very interesting and adventurous moments this trip. some funny and some not so funny moments.
The kids got much more out of this trip then ever before. They were a great age this time. Sean loves all the big rides and is tall enough for all of them. He is my little partner because Buddy surely will have no part of any of it. My little daredevil did the Tower of Terror two times and the biggest, newest and most intense roller coaster there: Expedition Everest. We did it at night which made it a little more intense and I have to admit I was a lot afraid on that thing. He was laughing..... little stinker!


The Cole Family said...

That's funny. The things Sean is timid of Sophie is not, and the things she is timid of he is not! LOL. I don't even know if Sophie has ever been on an amusement park ride. Has she? I can't remember. LOL. She has been on a few at the fair, but they don't let kids her, and Sean's size on rides that she wanted to get on.

frogbelliesandblossoms said...

That face is too much! I love it! I still need someone to show me how to do this blog thing so I can get mine started! LOL!!!

The Jones' said...

Thanks,Heidi. It has been a rough few months just with being pretty sick with the pregnancy(although I do not mean to sound like I am complaining,I am very grateful) : ) and then my dad being sick. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more pics from Disney. MG and I were talking the other night about when would be a good time to take Molly. She thinks very soon is a good idea. Me...not so much! Sounds like you have had a rough time the last few months as well. Hope things are getting better! I still soooo miss Prattville/Montgomery.