Thursday, September 11, 2008

Julia's new creation (Lily inspired)

This one was actually created just for my girl and it came out sooooooo cute. Check it out on ebay here :

Lily loves to twirl as most of you know. She always tells me that she has to do her "twirly twirls". She wants to wear something that "twirls" every single night to bed. I just had to have some major twirl get-up for the girl. I called Julia and told her what we wanted. She used her ultimated creativity and came up with the cutest little set. I am so excited that she had enough stuff to make another and list it. I hope everyone will go check it out.

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Julia said...

Heidi! Thanks so much for letting Lily model for me! She's just a cutie and has so much personality. It makes the pictures so much fun!