Friday, September 12, 2008

A nice change

Today was a much better day and not just because it was Friday.

One nice surprise was that I finally got a new computer. Buddy ordered me a new Dell notebook in my favorite hot pink :) (Lily was pleased). Sean got my old one. We were sitting today, the three of us, with our laptops. I told Buddy that it would be a blogging moment. I will have to post a picture of the scene. Of course, I am not sure who will take the picture. Lily?

Another nice surprise came in the way of a telephone call late this afternoon. It was a lady from "that interview" I went to yesterday telling me that the CFO loved the way the interview went and wanted to make me an offer. We talked and I let her know I would take the weekend to think, talk to Buddy and pray about it. It feels good to be impressive to someone though.

The day went smoothly, we saw relatives we had been missing and nothing went really wrong today at all. It was just a good day.

About 8 tonight Lily spiked a high fever. She is sleeping well now after Tylenol. Probably has the same fever virus Sean had earlier this week.


Nancy Hood said...

I look forward to meeting you!! Hope the fever has abated and goes away forever :)

Graham Shenanigans said...

Are you going to the lunch on October 5th? Me too, me too. I can't wait... I hate the babies are sick! You really realize how much of a baby they are when they are sick. Not big kids at all. I hope Miss Pinkalicious gets better soon!!

Does Julie (Julia?) have a blogspot or website? I have a dress I want to see if she can make something similar?

Julia said...

Hey there! My website is You can also email me at jewel74 at juno dot com.