Friday, September 12, 2008

Lily is sooo having a Pinkalicious Birthday Party!

Well it would not be a proper birthday party in the Murphy house if I did not start planning like 10 weeks in advance right?

I started asking Lily what she wanted to do about her party about 2 weeks ago. She wanted Kim Possible and I wanted to do an official tea at Gracie's English Tea Room. I was thinking what in the world I could do for a K.P. party. She met her at Disney world a few months ago and fell in love. I looked up some stuff online and got a few ideas but was thinking the party would be best for someone aged 6 or 7 and not 3.

I was driving home today and viola, I had the brilliant idea that we could do a Pinkalicious party. If you are not familiar and have a little girl, I highly recomend getting this book. They also have the Musical, probably in New York (I don't know) which is out of the question for us.

Anyway, Lily loves this book and was thrilled when I told her about the party idea. I gave her the K.P. choice again just to see what she would say. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "no way, I want Pinkalicious of course".

I checked out some sites for ideas, even though I had already jotted down a few I thought of, and got some really good ideas.

1. Girls must wear all pink, will give pink boas as they walk in

2. We will serve all pink food (but will have 1 table with "green" food)

3. We will decorate pink cupcakes in our pink aprons (will try to have monogrammed)

4. Will definitely read the book to the girls
5. Pink peonies (sp?) on all the tables

...... still looking and thinking.

I found the cutest blog though featuring an interview with the authors. (precious)


Jami said...

I found your blog on a Google search for Pinkalicious. We threw a Pinkalicious party for my 5 year old in May, and I blogged about it here:

I thought maybe you could get some ideas from it. Have fun planning!!!

Jami said...

Heidi, I sent you an email with some more info about our party. :) I hope it helps!

Whitney said...

I am having a pinkalicious party for my daughter on Nov. 1st. I just googled and found your site. Let me know if you have any good ideas. I got each child (or family) a paperback copy of the book from Scholastic for $3 each as a party favor. Just an idea.

Heidi said...

For Whitney,
I was not able to reply to you since your profile is set to private. If you would like more ideas then I have some great ones. That is a great idea about the books. I actually did the same thing when I saw it in schoolastic. Great huh??? We had already thought about getting the hardback as a doorprize cause I had no idea it was in paperback yet. So I was so excited when I saw it and just decided to give out copies. Anyway, a fellow blogger gave me some great ideas so feel free to email or leave comment with your email address.

Catherine said...

We are having a party as well in Nov. I ordered foam tiara craft kits to decorate from oriental trading and am also having a tiara pinata into which I will put candy rings, beaded necklaces and other candy. I would love any other ideas as I somehow have 24 three year olds coming! Yikes! Thanks!

renea said...

we're also having a pinkalicious birthday. what pink foods did you serve? i just can't think of any.

laurel Jawny said...

Found your blog by googling "pinkalicious paperback" because I want to give them out as party favors for my daughters bday party. Got some really cute ideas! Thanks! Anyone know where to find the paper back books?? Thanks in advance!

Heidi said...

Laurel, we found the paperback books on scholastic order at school for $3.00 each. You may want to also check Amazon if your kids are already out of school for the summer.