Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She's Frusrated.....

Lately I have had a hard time getting Lily to cooperate with me taking her picture so I was not sure what to expect from her today when I prepared to photograph her in two new sets for Julia's Christmas launch. I talked her through it as I dressed her and prepped her as I usually do.
She was acting silly so I had to give her this sob story about a little girl wanting the outfits but she needed to know what they looked like before her mommy bought them. She reluctantly agreed but was very cooperative when we eventually got outside.
I was finishing up the first outfit when she told me she did not want to model. I sat down with her on the ground (she was very serious) and asked her why. She said in her most sincere, sweet little voice "because I just get so frustrated". I could not hep but laugh. I mean really laugh. Deep, belly laughter. Literally rolling on the ground outside laughing. I was wondering if our neighbor, (a family court Judge) or Buddy heard me. Lily just sat there beside me looking at me and asking me why was I laughing.

We came in and changed into the second set. She was still pretty cooperative for that one, even pointing me to where to take her picture. She pointed to the mail box and instructed me to take her picture there, and the camera battery suddenly went dead. I can tell this broke her heart because she looked at me with glee and screamed "oh yes, the battery is dead", and ran inside the house.

The outfits are gorgeous and I can't wait to share the pics. I will wait for Julia to get them listed first though. Keep looking.


Graham Shenanigans said...

Little monkey!!! I can't wait to see them..

Graham Shenanigans said...

Invite your new friend! The lunch is opened to the public. I have to work that day but will scoot over there for a little bit anyway! I hate that I have to work. Are yall gonna try to come to the family fun day on Saturday?