Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

Considering that Lily was sick and in bed for most of the day we did have a pretty good Thanksgiving.

The day started out as planned and I was able to prepare all my dishes with a little challenge out of respect for the religious beliefs of our guests.

The Turkey was kosher and I was not using any chicken stock in dressing or bacon to flavor vegetables. I had not planned on or remembered this in my preparation so I had to make last minute adjustments in making the dressing. We had to wait a little later to eat since I had to wait on the turkey drippings to moisten the dressing. Also, the Lima beans were not as flavorful as we are used to. But, I am sure they were much healthier without the bacon. The sacrifices were worth it though for the special time we all shared together

Lily stayed in bed much of the day and even missed the meal which was disappointing. She was feverish and threw up several times. Our guest (Ms. Anita) who is Indian and Muslim bought her a scarf for her birthday. She was happy to get it. She always loves to see Anita's Scarf s when she sees her so it was very thoughtful of her to bring her one of her own I thought. She wrapped it around Lily's head when Lily felt like getting up and I snapped a picture. I thought it was a sweet picture but I just wanted to assure you that we are not changing our religion.......

Anita & Heidi with Sean, Lily & Zeshan

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