Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cute things kids say!

Sorry about the lack of posting in a few days. If you read my facebook at all you may know that we got all of Sean's curls cut off. But don't worry, they will grow back. (fast) Anyway, his teacher tracked me down the other day and said that she had overheard a conversation between him and a friend "Grant" the day he came back from having it cut. It was to cute not to share:

Sean: Grant, do you like my haircut?

Grant: Yeah, but I was really likin those squiggles.

Sean: Oh!

Grant: But I guess I like those strait ones too...

Sean: OK!

Grant: But do you think those squiggles will come back soon?

When he got home I asked him about the conversation and how did he feel about his haircut. He said he loved it and then started telling me all the names people had for his curls. One boy called them "swirls"! I loved that one.....

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Me said...

cute! I am not looking forward to the day that Jenny calls and tells me Noah no longer has his curls :=(